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How to Remove Urine From Carpet Tampa FL

This Video shows you how to remove urine from carpet with something you already have in your home, vinegar and water.  At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we clean a lot of urine out of rugs and carpets, but here is a simple home remedy that will help you remove fresh urine stains in your carpet or rug.

The problem with urine stains is that once the urine dries it’s incredibly difficult to remove. Most people attempt to clean the stain but never use enough solution to remove it completely.  We highly recommend this solution of vinegar and water as your urine cleaning agent.

This is where we at Chem-Dry of Tampa FL differ from the video.  Pour a lot of solution on the stain, about twice the size of the original stain.  You need a lot of solution to flush all the urine crystals out of the carpet and the pad underneath.  Now you have to remove as much moisture from the carpet as possible.  You can easily use 5-6 towels to soak it up.  We recommend a small wet/dry vac from your local hardware store.  You can get one for less than $25.00 that will do the job fine and you will be able to use it for other tasks as well. Vacuum most of the solution and urine up and then finish drying with a towel.

It’s a good idea to leave a weighted towel on the spot overnight to help dry the spot as the video suggest. If there is still a urine smell on the spot after it dries you will need to call a professional carpet cleaner to help you remove the rest of the stain completely.

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