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How to Remove Urine Stains Tampa FL

Pet urine removal Tampa FL

Pet urine is insidious and sneaks up on you.It has the consistency of wet sand, collecting soil and loads of bacteria that multiplies in your carpet. Besides being unsightly it releases ammonia and other foul odors into your home.  

So how do you remove urine stains from carpet?  The first thing you can do is try and catch it as early as possible.  A wet urine stain is a lot easier to remove than a dry one. As urine dries it turns to crystals and becomes almost impossible to remove.

How to remove wet urine:

1) Blot up as much urine as you can with some layered paper towels.

2) Get a coffee pot that holds about 8 cups and fill it with room temperature water.  

3) Pour the water around the spot moving in toward the center.  Flooding the spot will bring the urine to the surface and help flush it out of the carpet pad.

4) Soak up the water with a towel or a wet dry vacuum. 

5) Place a towel on the spot and stand on it to get as much moisture out of the carpet pad.  

How to remove dry urine:

The process is the same as with wet urine but add two tablespoons of sodium percarbonate to the 8 cups of water. You can purchase sodium percarbonate at Walmart and online.  It's a great cleaner to keep around the house for laundry and carpet spots. It even works on urine stains.

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