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How to Remove Wax From Carpet Tampa FL

A wax spill in your carpet might seem like a disaster when it happens but there are some easy remedies to get rid of it.  I clean carpets professionally in Tampa FL and I have removed wax from carpet in hundreds of homes over the years.  There are many ways to remove wax from carpet effectively.  

The main thing you need to is need a heat source to melt the wax so it can be extracted. You can use a blow dryer, steamer, iron, or extremely hot water to melt the wax. Most candle wax has a melting point between 110 - 130 degrees fahrenheit. Nylon carpet has a melting point between 421 - 495 degrees fahrenheit, so you're pretty safe to heat up your carpet enough to melt the wax without damaging your carpet. Important note: don't use a heat gun to remove wax from carpet.  A heat gun can soar over 450 degree fahrenheit in a matter of seconds.  I have come into too many Tampa FL homes to find melted carpet because the home owner used heat gun to remove wax from carpet. 

My preferred method it to place a white terry cloth towel on the wax spot and use a steamer heat the towel and the carpet underneath. As the wax is melted it's soaked up by the towel, easily pulling it from the carpet.  The next best option is to take a damp terry cloth towel folded over twice and place it on the wax spot.  Place an iron on the towel for about 10 seconds and it will melt the wax and soak it into the towel. 

If your uncomfortable using either of these methods call a professional carpet cleaner in your area. 

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