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How to Remove Wax From Carpet Tampa FL

This video shows you how to remove wax from carpet with just a few house hold items.  Although, I have used this method while cleaning carpets in Tampa FL I would recommend some changes to this video.  

The first thing I would suggest is to start by breaking up the wax on the surface. If the wax is really thick you should break it up and scrap off the hard cap. You can use a butter knife or another dull instrument to scrape off the wax cap.  

After removing the cap you are ready to start adding some heat.  Instead of using a paper towel use a dry terry towel that you can throw away when your done. Place the towel over the wax on the carpet.  Now take a wet towel and wring it out so it is only slightly damp. The wet towel should not be dripping wet. Place the damp towel on top of the dry towel.  

No take an iron set to medium and place it on the damp towel. Make sure to place it over the wax spot. This will generate stem and melt the wax into the dry towel.  Remember to keep the iron moving and check it about every 10 seconds.  After about 30 seconds the wax should move into the towel and life will be back to normal.  

I also like to use a household steamer and a wet/dry vac to remove wax from carpet.  It very effective and there is less chance of melting your carpet.

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