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How to Remove Wax From Carpet Tampa FL


Have you ever lit a candle and then forgotten about it only to have hot wax or dried wax in your carpet?  Believe it or not this is common problem. This article will give you some simple steps to remove hot or dried wax from your carpet.

First, here are the items you’ll need for this project:

·         Ice

·         A sealable plastic bag

·         A dull knife or scraper

·         Clean white towel or paper bag

·         A hot Iron

·         A small white cloth

Follow these steps using the items listed and you should be able to remove any color wax from your carpet.

1.       If you find the wax while it is still hot, soak it up as fast as possible. Do this by holding a towel just above the pool of wax and lightly dabbing it. This will allow it to transfer to the towel without pressing it deeper into the carpet.

2.       Fill the sealable plastic bag with ice and then wrap it with a small white cloth or paper towels. The towel will help keep the condensation from getting to the wax.  Place the ice bag on the wax. This will cool the wax until it hardens.

3.       After the wax cools and hardens scrap it off with the dull knife or scraper. This will remove the bulk of the wax.

4.       Place either a white towel or paper bag over the remaining wax, and turn the iron on to low heat.

5.       Place the iron on the towel or bag and move it around slowly.  The wax will melt and be soaked up by the towel or paper bag. You might have to repeat this step a couple of time to remove more of the wax. Always use a clean spot on the towel or paper bag when repeating this step.

6.       If there are any small bits of wax remaining use a hot damp cloth to rub the affected area vigorously until the wax is gone. If there is any remaining wax you might need to move to a more aggressive solution to remove it.

If you are not able to remove all the wax, consider calling a professional carpet cleaner like Chem-Dry of Tampa FL.  They’re trained to remove difficult stains from carpet and upholstery.

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