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How to Remove Wine Stains from Carpet Tampa FL

In this video call how to remove wine stains from carpet you can see a professional carpet cleaner using an upholstery cleaning tool to remove a wine stains from a beige carpet in a residence. In Tampa FL I get called to hundreds of homes a year and wine stains are very common. The only type of stain that we clean more often is pet urine stains.  Wines are usually a little acidic, they're usually have a pH between 3.0 to 3.6 and can be removed  with a more acidic cleaner. To remove wine stains from carpet you can make a wine cleaning solution. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle along with a few drops of dish washing soap. Shake it well and spray the wine spot pretty heavily so that its good and wet. after wetting the stain give it about 10 minutes to sit and breakdown the stain. Now take a clean white towel and blot the spot to remove the wine.

After you have removed a good amount of the stain apply more of the water vinegar solution onto the carpet and allow it to dwell there for about 5 more minutes then blot it up with another clean white towel. After cleaning the spot you will want to rinse the area to make sure no soap is left in the carpet.  I recommend spraying the area with plain water then towel drying it again.

If there is any wine still visible in the carpet it might be time to call a professional carpet cleaner.

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