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How to get Coffee Out of Carpet Tampa FL

I'm a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL and I love watching DIY carpet cleaning videos. Some are so crazy that I have to share them. This video made me laugh out loud.  I have never seen a video that shows you how to remove carpet stains that didn't show you the end result. The video is supposed to show you how to get coffee out of carpet using a powder based product. Apparently you re-wet the coffee spot and then with this magic powder you absorb the coffee out of the carpet.  Everything seems to be going along fine until the end when they don't remove the powder to show that the coffee has been removed.  I think they forgot about the reveal here, or they just don't believe in their product.

So how do you get a coffee stain out of carpet? The simple answer is, do it quickly.  Coffee is a dye and needs to be removed as fast as possible. I recommend getting a white terry towel or a stack of paper towels and blot the coffee up with gentle pressure.  You don't want to force the coffee deeper in to the carpet. Next, pour cold water on the coffee stain, about twice as much water as there is coffee. Adding heat could set the coffee stain and make it harder to remove. If you have some carbonated water I recommend cleaning with that instead.  Remember to blot it gently so the coffee moves to the towel instead of deeper into the carpet. If the coffee spot does not come out don't hesitate to call a professional carpet cleaner. They will know how to remove the coffee stain for you.

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