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How to remove pet urine from carpet Tampa FL

This video by Wendy Williams shows you how to remove pet urine from carpet using Nature's Miracle pet odor remover. Wendy has the right process for removing urine from carpet, although I'm not a big fan of Nature's Miracle for pet urine clean up. As a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I clean pet urine out of carpet on a daily basis. Wendy has the right idea you need to treat the urine in the pad as well as the carpet.

The first step in removing pet urine in carpet is to flush the soiled area with a high volume of water. The two things you need are a lot of water and a wet/dry vacuum. I suggest getting a pitcher of warm to hot water and pouring it on the urine deposit. Then using a wet/dry vacuum suck up all the water and urine in the carpet.  If you do this 3 to 4 times your going to remove about 90-95% of the urine in the carpet and pad. You can also mix about a cup of vinegar in with the water to kill off some of the bacteria in the urine deposit. 

Nature's Miracle is a enzyme based urine remover. It does work in some situations but you don't get consistent results because enzymes can be thrown off by many factors in the urine or by the environment it has been deposited in. Your best chance to remove pet urine from the carpet is to flush it out with as much water as possible. Flush it with water and then extract it out with the wet dry vacuum. If you can't remove the urine on your own then it might be time to call in a professional carpet cleaner.

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