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Improve Air Quality in Your Home Tampa FL

Believe it or not the air quality in your home can be 3 times worse then the air quality out side.  Most of the air in your home is recirculated through your home several times and fresh air from outside is not brought in through your HVAC system.  If your air is recirculated over and over again it's going to compound pollutants in the air and bring down your homes air quality.  

So how does fresh air get into your home in the first place? It leaks into your home because your house is not air tight.  It's sealed up and insulated but there are cracks and seams on every home.  Some newer homes have a fresh air intake on the HVAC system, but its expensive and not all home builders offer it as an option.  

So how can you improve air quality in your home?  In Tampa FL letting fresh air in through open windows and screen doors, when the weather permits, works well for bringing in clean air.  Changing your air filters monthly is another good way to improve and maintain better air quality in your home.  Stand alone air filtering machines can improve the air quality, at the cost of a little bit more electricity.  

Something else that can improve the air quality in your home is to keep it as clean as possible. Vacuuming soft surfaces and wiping down smooth surfaces on a weekly basis will remove excess soil and keep it from becoming airborne.  Chem-Dry of Tampa FL offers hard and soft surface cleaning as well as sanitizing services that can remove up to 89% of airborne bacteria in your home.  

To improve air quality in your Tampa FL home call Chem-Dry of Tampa.