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Improve Indoor Air Quality Part 1 Tampa FL

Any allergy sufferer can tell you that Spring has arrive in Tampa FL.  The pollen from the oaks and the blooming flowers has showered our homes, cars, and streets with a blanket of yellow pollen.  

When I first moved to Tampa FL my allergies gave me few issues, but the more time I lived here the more allergies became noticeable at certain times of the year.  Indoor allergies became a real problem and I went to see my doctor about the uptick in my watery eyes and sniffles.  After some sorting out it became clear that I was allergic to small particles in the air. Things like pollen, smoke, pet dander. All of these things led to being miserable indoors and out.  

I went to work on solving the issue by focusing on the air quality in my home and how I could improve it. The no brainer was to get better air filters for my central AC unit and change them monthly.  That's right, change them monthly. You would be surprised how clogged up your air filters get in just one month, especially if you have pets.  

My allergies did improve in the home but I want more.  I started reading about indoor air quality in the home and I found out that all the soft surfaces in your home are basically air filters .  Your sofa, your favorite chair, and yes, your carpet all act like filters collecting dust, dander, and pollen.  So I started to vacuum all the soft surfaces in my home on a weekly basis.  I vacuumed my carpets 2 to 3 times a week and it helped.  Continue to part 2 of this article.

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