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In Home Rug Cleaning Tampa FL

I found this video showing instructions for an in home rug cleaning.  The guy talking in the video tells you how to use a pressure washer and All laundry detergent to clean your rug. As a professional rug cleaner, I would not recommend doing this with your rug at home. If you have a wool rug you risk damaging the color or distorting the rug fibers.  

Wool rugs are not as durable as synthetic rugs and can be easily damaged by harsh soaps or high-pressure rinsing. Even synthetic rugs can get fiber distortion from high-pressure sprays.  Scrubbing the rug lightly as suggested in the video can also be dangerous for natural fiber rugs.  Your everyday scrub brush could be too stiff and damage or pull the fibers in the rug.  

There are plenty of Tampa FL professional rug cleaners who will come to your home and clean your rugs with safe cleaners that are designed to remove sols from rugs like the one in the video.  

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