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Inexpensive Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

I posted video because I understand that carpet cleaning is on the bottom of everybody's to do list.  No one wants to clean their carpets or shell out hard earned dollars to have someone else do it for them. I clean carpets professionally in Tampa FL and I'm all for someone getting their own carpet cleaning machine or renting one from the local hardware store, but there are trade offs.  In this video the landlord has been cleaning carpets with her own machine but she has gotten tired of paying for the expensive carpet cleaning solutions that work in her machine.  She has come up with her own inexpensive carpet cleaning solution that works for her.  

She has been using Tide laundry detergent in here carpet cleaning machine.  She's right Tide will get out some of the tougher spots in her carpet, because it has a much higher concentration of soap then most carpet cleaning solutions.  It also does not rinse out well from carpet.  It's designed to be rinsed out with clean water in the rinsing cycle of your washing machine.  It's not designed to clean carpets without rinsing. Home carpet cleaning machines do not have a rinse cycle. They spray solution on the carpet agitate it and use suction to remove the cleaning solution. Since the Tide does not get rinsed out of the carpet it becomes a residue and collects tons of dirt.  You can see in her before cleaning video the carpet is really soiled. That's the Tide soap residue in the carpet from her last carpet cleaning.  

I'm all for inexpensive carpet cleaning but use a carpet cleaning solution that is designed for the machine you are cleaning with.  

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