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Is Carpet Cleaning Necessary In Tampa FL

The short answer is yes carpet cleaning as absolutely necessary in Tampa FL. Carpets down here take a beating from all the fine silica found in the soil. If you dig 6 inches down in the Tampa Bay area your going to hit sandy soil that has very fine grains.  One of the appealing things about living in Tampa is it's proximity to sandy beaches.  Those sandy beaches cover the entire bay area and easily find it's way into your home.  

So how does sand get into your home? The sand travels in on shoes, pets paw's, open windows and doors.  Opening your window on a breezy day will allow fine sand to find its way into your home.  Where does all this sand settle? In the soft surfaces of your home like your furniture, carpets, and rugs.  

Once sand finds its way into your home it nestles in and starts to abraid your soft carpet. Just like sand paper on wood sand scratches carpet fibers wearing them down and prematurely wearing them out. Carpet cleaning can remove sand that has traveled deep into your carpet so that it does damage your soft carpet fibers.  

Carpet cleaning is absolutely necessary in Tampa FL to maintain the integrity of your carpet and make sure it last for it's entire 10 year life cycle.  With regular carpet cleaning your carpet can last for 12 to 15 years. With proper cleaning  regular wear will be dramatically slowed down.  

For carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.