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Kid Safe Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

If you have kids at home you're always making sure your home is a safe place for them. There is always extra caution in your decision making process. As a parent with 5 children I understand how much that added responsibility can add to your decision making process.  When it comes to carpet cleaning you can never be too safe. There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies that assume that just because they are cleaning they are helping to make your home a healthier place.  That's not always true.

Carpet cleaning companies in Tampa FL use all types of cleaning solutions to remove soil from your carpet.  The real concern is whether or not they are using kid safe carpet cleaning solutions. At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we use a natural cleaning agent, carbonation. Millions of bubbles that lift the dirt and soil out of your carpet without using harsh chemicals. Our cleaning solution is so safe it's called The Natural. 

The Natural is a green certified cleaning solution that meets the Generally Regarded As Safe (G.R.A.S) guidelines. Just because a product is green certified does not mean that it's safe for human consumption.  Green certification applies more to the disposal of a product and how it effects the earth. Green certified simply means it is safe for disposal. At Chem-Dry of Tampa we are more concerned about how our carpet cleaning service effects your family, kids, pets, and you. Our carpet cleaning services are kid safe and extremely powerful. Check out the before and after photos of a kid's bedroom. Clean with no chemical odors or dirt attracting residues.

For kid safe carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa