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Killing Dust Mites with Steam Tampa FL

Killing dust mites with steam cleaning is an effective way to rid your home of this nuisance. Steam cleaning can be applied to all the soft surfaces in your home: carpets, furniture, rugs, mattresses, and curtains. All of these surfaces make good homes for dust mites. You can do a lot on your own to mitigate dust mites and the residues they leave behind but a good steam cleaning from Chem-Dry of Tampa FL will rid your home of this pest.  

Killing dust mites with steam is only half of solution to the problem of dust mite allergies. About 80% of people who suffer from allergies are allergic to dust mite residue. The dust mite itself is not an allergen but a powerful enzyme that is found in their excrement is the cause of dust mite allergies. The enzyme is designed to breakdown cell walls and easily irritates the soft tissues lining the inside of your nose. So if you kill the dust mites but don't remove the residue, excrement, they leave behind your not solving your allergen problem.

Effective dust mite allergen treatment must include either removal of their residue or neutralizing it. So first kill dust mites with steam cleaning then treat the left over residue with a dust mite residue neutralizer and you will breath easier and sleep better. Chem-Dry of Tampa FL has just the solution for you. You can have your carpet and mattress steam cleaned and treated with a dust mite anti-allergen that neutralizes the dust mite enzymes. They even have a spray that can be used in between cleanings to help with your regular allergies.

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