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Leather Cleaner Tampa FL

This video about DIY leather cleaner is scary.  I clean leather for a living in Tampa FL and I can tell you that I would never recommend using salad dressing as a leather cleaning slash conditioner.  There is nothing about this DIY leather cleaner that is good for your leather.  During the leather cleaning process leathers lose some natural oils and you do want to replace that with a conditioner or better yet a protectant, but you don't want to slather it with olive oil.

First and for most food grade oils are perishable and go rancid after being exposed to oxygen. It doesn't happen quickly but are you cleaning your leather enough to remove old oils and then replace them with a new batch of oil that is going to go rancid as well? I would not recommend cleaning leather with a perishable cleaner, especially in Tampa FL.

The other component of this DIY leather cleaner is vinegar.  Vinegar is great for cleaning hard surfaces that can handle an acidic pH. Vinegar has a pH of 2.4 and can damage softer surfaces. Certainly soft surfaces that are processed animal hides.  Sty away from using vinegar to clean your leather furniture. 

If you prefer to clean your leather furniture yourself use a cleaner that specifically designed to clean leather. It is essential to condition or protect leather after cleaning. Leather cleaners strip away some of the protective oils that are necessary to maintain the leather.  If you prefer to have your leather cleaned by a professional call a local upholstery cleaner and ask if they clean leather. 

For a leather cleaner in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.