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Leather Cleaning Tampa FL

This video goes beyond leather cleaning and shows you how to restore a leather sofa.  As an upholstery cleaner in Tampa FL a lot of my customers tell me that they moved to a leather sofa because they are more durable and easier to take care of.  Leather is durable but over time the pigment in the leather grain becomes old and brittle and eventually will flake off.  To keep leather upholstery in its best shape it needs to be cleaned and protected annually.  

Most people who buy leather furniture do not take cleaning into account when choosing it as a upholstery covering. As long as the leather is not damaged cleaning it with a quality leather cleaner will not remove any pigment from the leather grain. Always test the leather in an inconspicuous spot to make no color is being removed by the leather cleaner.

Leather cleaner should be foamy and applied with a soft sponge.  After the leather cleaner is applied excess cleaner can be removed with a clean dry towel. You will see a noticeable difference in the leather sheen after cleaning.  The leather should look slightly dull as the dirt and oils are removed.  After it dries you can apply a leather or a leather protectant to restore some of the luster to the leather. Never use a combination cleaner/protectant. Cleaning and protecting should be two separate processes. Just like the leather cleaner, the excess leather protectant should be wiped away with a clean dry towel.  

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