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Non Toxic Carpet Cleaning Service Tampa FL

Carpet cleaning companies use all types of cleaning solutions to get your carpets as clean as possible. Some use harsh chemicals that are better suited for your garage then they are for your home. Chem-Dry of Tampa FL has a non toxic carpet cleaning service that uses green certified solutions that remove  soils without leave harmful dirt attracting residues.

Think of the carpeted areas in your home and who uses those rooms everyday. Would you consider spraying a mystery chemical on the floor of those rooms without knowing whats in it? Do yourself a favor and find a non toxic carpet cleaning service in Tampa FL. If you ask your carpet cleaner what active ingredients are in their cleaning solution and they don't know, you might consider calling someone else. 

When I clean carpets in someones home I know exactly what I'm spraying into their carpet. I know the active ingredients that make up the solution that I am using. I even carry all the material safety data sheets in my van just in case a customer is concerned about what is going in their carpet. The best part about the Chem-Dry solutions that I use is that the majority of them are green certified, completely safe and non toxic.

So what does the " Chem" stand for in Chem-Dry? It stands for Chemistry not Chemicals. We use chemistry to mimic mother natures way of cleaning. Our active ingredients combine to make carbonation in our cleaning solution. No soaps, toxins, or detergents are used to in our cleaning solution, just powerful bubbles that scrub the carpet clean. 

If your looking for a non toxic carpet cleaning service in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.