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Pet Odor Neutralizer Tampa FL

This video shows the first step in a pet odor removal treatment performed by Chem-Dry of Tampa FL. Our customer had just bought a house in the Tampa FL area and although the carpet looked to be in good condition she was concerned because the previous owners had a dog and she wanted to make sure there was no hidden problems. 

We started by making a visual inspection of the carpet to identify an obvious issues. There were a few minor spots but the carpet looked to be in good condition. Then we started the ultra violet (UV) inspection of the carpet to determine if there were any issues that were hidden in the carpet. This inspection is done primarily to find pet urine and determine if a pet odor neutralizer is needed.

In this video we did determine that there were some minor pet stains that had been cleaned by the previous owners. However, there were a lot of spots that did fluoresce under UV light not all of them are pet urine. To confirm that the spots were actually pet urine we did a simple "sniff test" to see if we could smell ammonia off gassing from those spots. 

In the end we did find 3 spots in the two rooms that were off gassing ammonia and smelled like urine. Those spots were sanitized and treated with Chem-Dry's pet odor neutralizer, called P.U.R.T. This urine neutralizer does not work by using enzymes to break down the urine crystals like most pet odor neutralizers. It uses an oxidizing formula that works not only on urine but many other types of odors. It even works on the dreaded skunk smell.

If you have carpet odors in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa for help.