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Pet Odor Neutralizer Tampa FL

As carpets get older they get more worn out. Everyday usage, soil, and friction take their toll on softer carpet fibers. In Tampa FL sand gets in the carpet and starts to scratch the fibers, putting tiny grooves in them.  These scratches can hold soil and odors.

Add into the mix pets and the odors they bring into the home. Both general pet odors and odors from urine deposits can easily find there way into the carpet. 

Finding a pet odor neutralizer that works on all pet smells truly difficult. Chem-Dry of Tampa FL has an elegant solution called PURT. It stands for Pet Urine Removal Treatment and it not only gets rid urine smells it can also remove the general pet odor in your home. 

Most pet urine removal products are solutions t hat are loaded with enzymes to speed up the decay rate of the urine crystals. The faster the urine crystals decay the quicker the smell is gone. Enzyme based treatments can be hit or miss but they work well on fresh urine deposits, but they don't work on other general odors. 

Chem-Dry's PURT works on all types of odors. It's not an deodorizer that relies on heavy perfumes to cover smells, It's an odor neutralizer that destroys odor molecules so there is nothing left to smell. PURT is not and enzyme based pet odor neutralizer. It destroys odor molecules with oxygen. It's a unique and powerful pet odor treatment that removes odors permanently. It's strong enough to be used on one of the toughest smells that nature can throw at you, skunk spray.  As a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner I use this product daily. If you have pet odors in your home we can help.

For pet odor removal in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.