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Pet Odor Removal Services Tampa FL

This video shows the first step in a pet odor removal service. Pet stains in carpet are the most difficult stains to get rid of.  The yellowing of the carpet. The sand like texture of the urine crystals, sometimes called urine salts. The tale tell off gassing of ammonia that permeates the house. If you have had some difficulty dealing with pet odors in your home maybes it's time to call a pet odor removal service, like chem-Dry of Tampa FL's Pet Urine Removal Treatment or P.U.R.T.

If you've tried cleaning the urine out of the carpet in your home and have not been successful its most likely that you weren't able to remove the urine under the carpet in the pad itself. Their are a lot of ways to remove urine from the carpet if it's still fresh and has not dried and set into the carpet. Once it gets down into the carpet pad it becomes a lot more difficult to deal with. If you find dried urine in your carpet you can be sure that the urine is also in the pad underneath. To remove the urine from the pad successfully it will need to be flooded and the then extracted. this video shows you how a carpet and pad are flooded and then extracted to remove the bulk of the urine. Using a special tool called a flash extractor, large amounts of cleaner and urine can be removed from both carpet and pad. Then the spot will have to be treated with a solution to break down any remaining urine crystals that weren't extracted. 

If you have pet odors in your carpet call Chem-Dry of Tampa FL for a free pet odor inspection.