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Pet Odor Removal Tampa FL


Pet Odor Removal is one of the most difficult challenges for professional carpet cleaners. As pet urine dries it crystalizes in your carpet, the pad underneath, and the subflooring making it extremely difficult to remove. These urine crystals off gas ammonia for up to 5 years until bacteria eats the crystals away.  That’s right bacteria.

Pet urine is a sterile medium that is a perfect breeding ground for all types of germs, bacteria, and viruses. It doesn’t just smell it’s a health hazard. If your pet is regularly urinating on your carpet they are creating a dangerous situation in your home.  If you live in Tampa FL the constant changes in the humidity makes this problem worse.  Urine crystals soak up the moisture in the air swelling the crystals like a wet sponge. This makes the crystals off gas more ammonia, making your home smell like urine.

The first step is always prevention by trying to change the pet’s habit of urinating on your carpet.  The next step is to figure out the best way to remove the urine in your carpet. If you’re finding urine spots while they are still wet you have a much better chance of removing the stain. For wet stains Chem-Dry of Tampa FL highly recommends the Chem-Dry’s Pet Odor Remover to get the urine stains out from your carpet.  This solution works overnight to remove the urine before it even dries. 

After you soak up the urine with a towel you simply apply Chem-Dry’s Pet Odor Remover and cover it with a fresh clean towel to keep it wet for 24 hours.  When you remove the towel 24 hours later you let the spot air dry. When it dries completely the urine smell in your carpet is gone.  It’s really that simple.

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