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Pet Odor Removal Tampa FL

This video is a great illustration of why your attempts to remove pet odor from your carpet isn’t working. When pets urinate on your carpet they’re also urinating on the carpet pad and the sub floor underneath.  The urine spot hidden under the carpet is likely several times larger than the visible urine spot on the surface.

So what does this mean when you‘re trying to remove pet urine stains in your carpet? You are only scratching the surface of the problem, literally. When you spray a cleaner on the carpet it’s most likely not getting into the backing or the pad underneath. You might be able to remove some of the urine out of the carpet fibers but surface treatments and cleaners do not clean the real odor problem, the carpet pad and sub floor.

So what do you need to clean under the carpet in Tampa FL? You’ll need:

A lot of water A detergent A lifting agent

A way to extract the waste

Air movement (optional)


Time to flood

One of the major problems with removing pet odors in carpet is that people are afraid to get their carpet wet.  You have to get it very wet, like soaking wet. Flood your carpet with warm water. Don’t be afraid to use a gallon or two of water when cleaning a pet urine spot. If your pet has been peeing in the same place over and over again then you will need a lot of water to rinse it away. Just make sure that you have a good way to extract all of the water you’re going to use.

Soap is essential

 You will have to use some soap to break the surface tension and loosen up the urine crystals in your carpet. Here is the key, don’t use a lot of soap.  A little goes a long way.  Just a few drops of dish washing soap will do a lot of the work.

Up up and away

A lifting agent is something that will help lift the urine to the surface for easy extraction.  Carbonation is my favorite lifting agent. Use a carbonated solution, like soda water, to lift the urine to the surface. It doesn’t need to be hot just bubbly.


Use a wet/dry vac or a portable carpet cleaner to vacuum up the urine stain. Then blot it with a towel to get the remaining moisture out of the carpet.  Always finish by placing a clean white towel on the spot then stand on it for 30 seconds to remove moisture from the pad underneath.

Blown away

This step is completely optional, but recommended. Place a fan or air mover near the spot to help evaporate any leftover moisture.

In the end removing pet odor from the carpet has to involve removing the urine under the carpet as well as the carpet fiber.  If there is still odor after cleaning the spot call a local carpet cleaning professional, like Chem-Dry of Tampa FL to remove that pesky pet odor.