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Pet Pee on Carpet Tampa FL

It's funny I just had a customer last week who tried using pepper to discourage her pet from peeing on her carpet.  This video says that this is the way fine silk rug owners in Turkey keep pets from peeing on their rugs. It didn't her dog from peeing on her rug.

I have heard all manner of DIY pet urine deterrents from my customers.  Every time they tell me about a home remedy they use to keep their pets from peeing on the carpet I think to myself "Then why am I here?" Not in nasty way, just trying to figure a way to help my customers. 

I clean carpet and rugs in Tampa FL and my primary services is pet urine removal, but the world would be a better place if our pets didn't pee on the carpet.  I have a great solution for pet pee after it has happened, but nothing to keep them from peeing in the first place.  My customers try everything and I tell them the best they can do is crate train their pet so they learn where to go pee.  

If you have a pet pee problem and you live in Tampa FL give me a call and I can help you with your pet pee issues.  

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