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Pet Stain Remover Tampa FL

This is another one off of the classic baking soda and vinegar pet stain removers.  Instead of using vinegar the lady in the video mixes hydrogen peroxide and dish soap to make the wet component of the wet-dry cleaner. She starts great in the video by showing you how to remove the wet urine with a paper towel, which is a great place to start but her cleaning solution is not the best. there is something that works better and you have it already. 

Removing a wet urine stain on your carpet is easier then you think.  The first step is to remove as much wet urine as possible.  I like to blot the urine spot with folded paper towels.  Don't scrub it as she does in the video, gently blot the urine up instead. Next, flood it with room temperature water, at least 2 cups of water.  I usually recommend using a coffee pot to pour water around the urine spot and then in the middle of the spot to flood it.  This floats the urine to the surface and allows you to soak up the urine with a towel. Use a large towel to soak up the water and urine. Using the same blotting technique as before, soaking up as much as possible.

If the urine spot has dried. I recommend mixing water and oxygen bleach, like OxyClean. Follow the mixing instruction for laundry spot removal.  First, blot up the urine and then apply the Cleaning mixture and wait 10 minutes.  Then follow the wet urine cleaning instructions.

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