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Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning Service Tampa FL

I have been offering pet urine carpet cleaning services in Tampa FL for several years and it's always a challenge. Pet urine is a mixture of many substances: urea, proteins, and salts to name a few. It easily stains your carpet and can be very difficult to remove, not to mention it off gases a very distinct ammonia odor.

Most professional carpet cleaning services offer some sort of pet urine treatment. These treatments can be effective with the right conditions. The preferred method of urine removal is to apply an enzyme to the carpet as a catalyst to speed up the natural decay of the urine salts, but it relies on the certain conditions to be effective. A pet’s diet, medications, and the length of time the urine has sat in the carpet can easily make enzymes ineffective.

The before and after pictures above are from a recent customer who had tried to clean her carpet with an enzyme based pet urine cleaner, but was unsuccessful at removing the urine stains. One of the issues she was having was that her dog is much older and was on medication. The enzyme based cleaner was not able to remove the stain and she needed professional help.

My pet urine carpet cleaning service uses a different approach. I use Chem-Dry’s Pet Urine Removal Treatment, or P.U.R.T. It doesn’t rely on enzymes to remove pet urine stains. It uses oxygen to breakdown the stain at the molecular level. PURT works no matter what the conditions. It’s the best pet urine solution available.

If you’re looking for a pet urine carpet cleaning service in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa today.