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Pet Urine Cleaning Tampa FL

Sometimes pet urine in the carpet isn't the problem. The spots in the picture above started out as pet urine deposits in the carpet. The pet owner was cleaning the carpet with a very popular carpet spot remover that was removing some of the urine but was leaving a ton of soap behind.  Real soapy carpet cleaners can attract dirt to the carpet after cleaning, leaving dark blotchy spots, like those in the picture on the left.  These are called residue spots and they are very common in the Tampa FL homes I service. 

Pet urine cleanings are something I specialize in. I do more pet urine cleanings then any other type of service.  Carpet manufacturers consider pet urine spots as damaged carpet.  That's right one pet urine spot in the carpet can void your carpet warranty. I know it doesn't seem fair but I have a solution for you.  You can clean the majority of the pet urine out of your carpet yourself.  You will need one specialized tool.  A wet dry vacuum makes all the difference in pet urine cleaning.  I recommend 1 or 2 gallon wet dry vacuum. You can find them at your local hardware store or online for less then $30.00 plus shipping.

The second part to pet urine cleaning is a lot of water.  I tell people flush the spot with a lot of water and then vacuum it out.  For a medium sized pet urine stain I recommend filling a coffee pot with room temperature water and pouring around the spot moving toward the center. Wait 30 seconds and then vacuum. If the urine is already dried you will probably need a professional carpet cleaner.

In Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa for pet urine cleaning.