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Pet Urine Removal Services Tampa FL

This video shows how most carpet cleaning services handle pet stains in carpet. At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we have a different pet urine removal service. Our system is called P.U.R.T. Pet Urine Removal Treatment. PURT is not an enzyme based treatment. Most carpet cleaning services use an enzyme treatment to get rid of pet urine. Enzyme treatments can be effective if all the planets have aligned and you're fortunate enough to get the right enzyme for your dog's body chemistry. If things don't line up correctly you will have a wet smelly carpet that is no better off than before.

Our pet urine removal service starts off with a full examination of your carpet for hidden and not so hidden areas that need to be treated. We do not mark your carpet with a water soluble pen like in the video, because it could stain your carpet. After identifying the urine treatment areas we determine if our PURT solution is needed to remove the offending spots.

We clean and sanitize the carpet where the urine was deposited so that we treat not just he urine but all the bad smelling bacteria that has been feeding on the urine crystals in your carpet. Then we apply our Pet Urine Removal Treatment (PURT) to the affected areas in both the carpet and the pad underneath. After performing a light extraction we cover the treated areas with plastic to ensure it has enough time to get rid of the urine odor before it dries. We suggest keeping the area wet for 24 hours to permanently remove the urine odor from the carpet. After it dries the urine is gone for good.

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