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Pet Urine Removal Tampa FL

This is just one way that we remove pet urine from carpets and rugs.  In the video you can see us injecting a heated odor treatment into the wool area rug at our shop in Tampa FL. We saturate and  extract the rug at the same time to insure we are pulling as much urine out as possible.  This type of cleaning wets both sides of the rug removing odors that are trapped in the middle of the rug knots.  The rug is then post treated on both sides to eliminate any pet urine odors that may have not been fully extracted.  

This pet urine removal cleaning is necessary to get the urine crystals out. Topical cleanings cannot remove embedded urine from a rug. Treating both sides with our pet urine removal treatment destroys any remaining surface urine that was not fully extracted. 

For pet urine removal in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.