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Pet Urine Removal Tampa FL

Here's a video from our youtube channel showing how we safely remove urine from a wool rug at our rug cleaning shop in Tampa FL.  The equipment shown in the video is a sub surface extractor with solution injectors.  It designed for pet urine removal specifically.  I'm using it with a heated solution that is designed to lock in color dyes while rinsing. It's also great for odor control. I hadn't used this particular subsurface extractor so, I was filming it for our rug cleaning technicians so they could see how it works.  the best part is that it cleans deep down inside the rug removing the pet urine from all layers of the rug.

When pet urine gets deposited in a rug it  damages the fibers and gets into the backing of the rug. It cannot be removed by a traditional rug cleaning and needs to have specialty cleaning equipment, like the one in the video, to help remove the urine from all layers of the weave.  

After the pet urine removal process some of the urine crystals may still be present in the rug and further treatments may need to be applied.  The good news is that once the pet urine removal treatment is applied the rug is odor free and will soon be ready to be placed back in the home.

If your rug needs a pet urine removal cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.