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Pet Urine Remover Tampa FL

This video seems to be a review of a pet urine  remover by Arm & Hammer, but it's really not an informative video.  Outside of reading us the label and showing every angle of the bottle there is no substance to the product review.  As a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I can tell you that most consumer pet odor removers that you buy at the store are effective at removing pet urine that is still wet. In other words they can remove a recent pet deposit in the carpet or upholstery, but once the spot has dried it's a different story all together.   

Once pet urine dries it becomes extremely difficult to remove and even the toughest pet urine removers stop short. The main problem is that you can't remove the dried urine in the carpet pad, or padding in upholstery.  The best you can do is neutralize it in place. Unless a pet urine remover lists a urine neutralizer as one of it's ingredients its not going to be effective on dried pet urine. Once it's dried re-wetting it with water or other fluids will not break down the urine crystals. They have to be neutralized.

The Arm & Hammer pet urine remover is only effective on wet urine spots and does not contain neutralizers that can eliminate odors from dried urine stains. 

In Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa to remove pet urine in your home.