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Professional Area Rug cleaner Tampa FL

As professional area rug cleaner for many years in Tampa FL I can tell you that when it comes to cleaning your fine area rugs, hire a professional rug cleaner. Don’t clean them yourself. This might sound very self-serving at first but are you willing to risk ruining your rug with cheap soap just to save a few dollars?

Area rugs have so many origins, construction types, base materials, and individual nuances that without proper training you can easily ruin a rug that should last a life time. Area rugs run the gambit of price range from cheaper tufted rugs to very high end woven rugs. Understanding the difference can be tricky.  You don’t want to clean a $45 viscose rug the same way you clean a $3500 wool woven rug. The result could be costly.

This video tells you to use cheap dish soap and water to clean your rug. It also tells you to scrub the rug with a soft bristle brush. Then this video tells you to rinse it with a garden hose to clear out the soap. No were in this video do they tell you to test the cleaner on a small are to make sure it does run the colors or damage the rug in anyway. 

Every professional rug cleaner tests to make sure their chosen rug cleaning solution will not damage any part of the rug before cleaning. A professional rug cleaner will never hose down a rug to rinse soap away. These are dangerous directions and as a professional area rug cleaner I would not suggest following the cleaning advice in this video.

I highly recommend having your rug evaluated by a professional area rug cleaner to see if your rug can be safely cleaned and cared for.

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