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Professional Carpet Cleaner Tampa FL

I posted this video to show you what happens when a professional carpet cleaner does not care about the work they do. I have a been a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL for several years and this is just not good work. Small spots like the ones shown in the video should be gone or significantly lightened. Even though the video quality is not very good you can still see several spots on the carpet that should have been taken care of with a quality professional carpet cleaning.

Customers should expect better results and I don't blame the person in the video for being upset with the bad carpet cleaning he received. I always recommend using customer reviews as a source for choosing a professional carpet cleaner. It's pretty easy to figure out who is doing a quality job and what cleaners just don't care. I would not call the cleaner who did this job a professional. Poor work equals unhappy customers.

Take your time and do your research to find a quality carpet cleaner in your area. Don't go solely on prices.  The carpet cleaner with the cheapest rates is the one who is going to try and up sell other services to make up for their low prices. If you see an ad for $19.00 dollars a room your not going to get a very good cleaning. That low advertised price is geared for a bait and switch. They get into your home and then sell you a better clean for a higher price. Go with a professional carpet cleaner that is going to charge your a fair price to begin with.  A basic cleaning package should include: vacuuming of all carpeted areas, pre-spray where needed, main cleaning, and post grooming when necessary. If your professional carpet cleaner does not offer all these steps in there basic cleaning package then they are betting on selling you more services to make money.

Do your homework, check online reviews, ask questions, and remember if their pricing sounds to good to be true then it most likely is.

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