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Professional Grout Cleaning Tampa FL

Down in Tampa FL there seems to be a love of hard surface flooring. Tile and wood floors are the preferred floor covering in this southern state.  Home owners love the ease of maintenance associated with tile floors. The only problem is that grout is so difficult to keep clean over long periods of time.  Grout is a conglomerate of sand and other binding materials.  Unfortunately, grout is porous and will eventually allow dirt and grime to penetrate, becoming dingy. Regular mopping is required to keep grout clean.  Once a year you should hire a professional grout cleaner, not only for cleaning but sealing your grout as well.

When most tile floors are installed they are never sealed. Sealing requires the grout to be completely set and requiring the installer to return a few days later to seal it.  The good news is that once you have your professional grout cleaning it can easily be sealed to ensure 18 months of worry free grout.  Sealing not only helps it stay cleaner longer it also protect the grout from wear, chipping, flaking, and cracking. 

If your unhappy with the color of your grout you can also have your grout professionally colored, using a epoxy colorant. This grout colorant will not only change the look of your floor it will seal it for 15 years. 

You can skip the back breaking scrubbing to get your grout lines clean. Call Chem-Dry of Tampa FL and will come to your home and give your a no obligation estimate on your tile and grout cleaning.

For professional grout cleaning call Chem-Dry of Tampa today.