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Professional Urine Removal Tampa FL

This video shows the process of professional urine removal. This video shows a very thorough carpet cleanout to remove urine. Cleaning the back and front of the carpet is a good way to handle this situation.  It's very similar to how we do rug urine treatments. Both sides of the rug need to be treated and cleaned to remove the urine odor and make sure there is nothing left behind.       

Most professional urine removal jobs are in an area where there is no furniture and open space to remove a section of carpet for cleaning.  Most of our urine removal jobs in Tampa FL involve rooms with a lot of furniture and random areas of treatment.  That doesn't mean that they can't be cleaned and neutralized. We have a patented urine removal treatment that allows us to treat the urine in place without removing the carpet or the pad.  

We would love to remove the carpet pad in every professional urine removal job we do but in most cases, the layout of the room or the amount of furniture prohibits detaching the carpet and removing the pad. Our treatment allows us to leave everything in place while the solution destroys the urine at the molecular level.  The video shows what we would expect to be a successful urine removal, your carpet can be clean, dry, and urine free without pulling up the carpet and removing the carpet pad underneath.

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