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Professional Urine Stain Removal Tampa FL

As a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I have cleaned my share of urine stains in all types of carpet and upholstery.  There are many home remedies for cleaning urine out of carpet and some do a decent job of removing the surface urine out of carpet. But to get urine stains out of your home you should rely on someone who is a professional at removing urine stains.

The biggest problem with cleaning urine stains is finding the entire stained area before it’s treated. If only a portion of the stain is treated you will not be able to rid your home of the urine smell that has filled the room.

This video shows you the best to ways to locate all of the urine deposits in your carpet.  A UV light and/or a moisture detector are great ways to detect where urine stains are hiding in your carpet. 

But after many years of professionally removing urine stains I rely heavily on my nose to source out most urine stains. In the end the only way to tell if it’s truly you’ve found, is to sniff it out.  UV lights and moisture detectors aid in the discovery but they sense other substances that mimic urine. Some soaps and detergents can glow under UV light and slightly wet carpet can set off a moisture detector even if it’s water.   

The good news is using all of these types of urine detection allows a professional carpet cleaner to find the urine in your carpet and take care of your problem.  

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