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Remove Heavy Traffic Carpet Stains Tampa FL

Remove Heavy Traffic Carpet Stains Tampa FL - 

Traffic stains in carpet develop over time as we habitually walk through a room at the shortest distance possible. These traffic lanes get heavily soiled and compressed over time. Vacuuming does help but the fight to keep heavy traffic carpet stains out of your home is futile one, unless you're willing to change your walking habits. Over time this type of repetitive soiling will actually damage your carpet. Soil can start to grind away at the base of the carpet fibers and lead to scratched or worn carpet fibers. This is especially true in Tampa FL where sand is the biggest culprit of carpet fiber damage.

Spot cleaning these type of stains only leads to a minefield of uneven carpet color as heavily soiled areas close in around clean spots in the traffic lanes. So what can you do about this type of carpet stain? Get your carpets professionally cleaned about every 6 months, or when you start to see traffic lanes start to develop. You can also move your furniture around to create new traffic lanes within a room. Keep vacuuming regularly, and consider investing in a carpet grooming rake to brush your carpet in between vacuuming. It will help lift your carpet pile and bring dirt and soil to the surface to be vacuumed away.

These steps will help keep your carpet in good condition, but a professional carpet cleaning is the best way to remove heavy traffic carpet stains.

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