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Removing Carpet Stains Tampa FL

If you have carpet in Tampa FL you  probably have carpet stains. Removing carpet stains can be a challenge.  As a professional carpet cleaner I have a hard time recommending most store bought carpet stain removers.  Many of them have too much soap in them and usually leave some sort of carpet spot behind. In the pictures above the homeowner had some spots in carpet and used a store bought carpet stain remover that ultimately left darker spots then the original carpet stains.  

Removing carpet stains is not that difficult if you have the right cleaning solution. My favorite thing to tell home owners that seem to have trouble with carpet stains.  I tell them to clean the spot with about 2-4 cups of carbonated water and a small shop vacuum.  Believe it or not i most cases bubbly water and proper suction can remove most carpet stains.

What ever you do don't use dish soap or laundry detergent.  They have way too much soap in them and will leave a large amount of sticky residues in the carpet that will collect more dirt.  Stay away from vinegar as well it can help set a stain in the carpet and make it more difficult to remove even for use professional carpet cleaners.

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