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Removing Coffee Stains from Carpet Tampa FL

As a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I get asked about stain removal daily. There are many over the counter carpet spot removers and stain removers that remove dirt and soil from your carpet, but they often leave sticky residues behind. These residues can create a greater problem then the original stain. They collect dirt and grime from all sorts of sources in your home. They can even collect fine particulate matter from the air in your home. 

One of the toughest carpet stains to remove is coffee. Coffee can be used a dye and can easily stain your carpet permanently.  Getting to the stain quickly is essential in successful stain removal. Even if it has dried into the carpet you can still get it out. Just don't let it linger too long.

The product I used in this video, Removing Coffee Stains from Carpet, is called Chem-Dry's World Famous Spot Remover. It's a long name but it is accurate. IT removes most water based carpet spills and spots.  Its easy to use and does not leave any dirt attracting residue to re-soil your carpet. Once it dries it does not come back. I have used this product in thousands of homes to remove tough soils and with great success. If you live in Tampa FL I can deliver you a few cans of Chem-Dry's World Famous Spot remover. It's a great product to have on hand when the inevitable spill happens.

If you need coffee stain removal services in Tampa FL Call Chem-Dry of Tampa.