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Removing Dog Urine Smell Tampa FL

This video has some really good tips for removing dog urine smell from surfaces.  I remove dog urine smells for a living in Tampa FL. I have handled thousands of dog urine removal jobs and they are all different. 

This video covers some basic facts about removing dog urine smells but it lacks some specific details.  The first thing to remember is that if you act quickly you can remove 95% of dog urine from a surface with just water and a dry wet vacuum. I?f you can douse a urine spot with water and quickly vacuum it you can remove a lot of urine.  My go to amount of water on a fresh dog urine spot is 2 cups of room temperature water and then vacuum it for 5 minutes to remove the urine.  

If the urine is old and dried in the carpet it is going to be much more difficult to remove and you will need to use something a little stronger for cleaning.  I recommend finding a good pet urine neutralizer.  I have my favorites and the ones I absolutely hate.  What ever you decide to use make sure that you still follow the advice in this video. Use the proper amount of neutralizer for the size of dog urine spot in the carpet or hard surface.  

If you're unable to remove the dog urine yourself it's time to call in a professional urine removal service.  If you live in Tampa FL consider giving me a call and I will be happy to help you out. 

For help removing dog urine smells in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.