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Removing Pet Urine From Carpet Tampa FL

Pet urine can be removed from carpet if you clean it while it's still wet.  The old rule the sooner the better applies readily to pet urine removal.  When it's wet you can use water or a mild detergent to remove the spot in the carpet.  If you have a carpet spot remover that will work even better on wet urine stains.  Removing pet urine from carpet after it has dreid is a completely different story.

Once pet urine dries it forms crystals that readily absorb moisture.  The moisture they absorb the more ammonia they release. Giving your home that pungent urine smell we all hate.  A new set of rules apply with dried pet urine.  It's designed by nature to stay where it's deposited, primarily for making territory. This creates a difficult problem. How do you remove what designed to be left where it's deposited?

Removing dried pet urine requires a specialized pet urine neutralizing cleaner that can speed up the natural decay of pet urine crystals. Over time the urine crystals will naturally decay thanks to the bacteria that use it as a food source.  This takes about 5 years before it gets eaten away.  The good news is that there are are plenty of enzyme based pet urine cleaners that you can buy at your local pet store. Which one is the best? They all work pretty much the same way, but stay away from the ones that are real sudsy. Too much soap in a pet urine neutralizer can cause other problems. 

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