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Removing Urine Smell Tampa FL

I was so excited to find this video on YouTube today.  As a professional carpet and rug cleaner in Tampa FL, I deal with a lot of people who are struggling with removing urine smells in their homes. I tell them exactly what this video tells them to do. No vinegar, no baking soda, no hydrogen peroxide, or any other home remedies. Why? Because they don't work.

The most popular DIY urine stain remover is baking soda and vinegar. There must be fifty thousand online videos showing you how to remove urine smells with baking soda and vinegar. All of these different mixtures you find online don't work. you need to flush the urine out and then neutralize it with an enzymatic cleaner.  

This video on removing urine smells gives great advice, but I would still recommend a minor tweak. instead of spraying water on a urine spot, pour it on the spot. I generally recommend filing a coffee pot with about 6 cups of water then pouring around the urine spot moving in toward the center of the stain.  Then, like the video says, towel the spot until the yellow stops coming up.  Repeat if necessary.  

The final step in the video is to use an enzyme-based cleaner to neutralize the urine that was not washed out. The video suggests spraying the enzyme-based cleaner on the carpet but once again I would recommend pouring it on the spot instead. This will neutralize the urine in the backing and the pad underneath.  All in all a great instructional video for removing urine smells.

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