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Rug Cleaning Tampa FL

This video is of the rug sucker quick dry rug extractor being used during a rug cleaning. The rug sucker tool does an amazing job of extracting soil and dirt from rugs and leaving them almost dry. At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we believe this tool is the safest way to extract excess moisture and unwanted soils from rugs of all sizes and maker origins.

Without a doubt immersion cleaning is one of the best rug cleaning techniques, but it does have it's risks. The rug sucker mitigates those more common issues with immersion rug cleaning. Problems with color migration and browning of tassels are all but eliminated with the rug sucker. It's powerful enough to remove urine in rugs without having to completely submerge it during the rug cleaning process. In Tampa FL we are constantly dealing with high humidity, making it difficult to dry out rugs quickly and safely. Now there is a solution that makes rug drying simple, safe, and effective.

Constant rinsing with a central extraction tool removes dirt, soil, and pet urine, and leaves the rug refreshed and unharmed. If you have a rug that is heavily soiled or contaminated by pets. Then we have the solution for you.

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