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Rug Cleaning Tampa FL

This  video highlights something we are seeing over and over again.  Customers call us and want us to clean their designer rug. No problem rug cleaning is something Chem-Dry of Tampa FL specializes in.  We go to the customers home to evaluate the rug and give them a quote for cleaning.  We get there and find that they have an Art Silk or Art Silk blended with wool rug.  Its upsetting to have to tell a customer that the $4,000.00 rug their interior decorator sold them cannot be cleaned effectively because it's viscose.

Viscose and Rayon are the same thing, a very fine fiber made from wood pulp waste.  For years viscose rugs have stayed in the low end market because they are cheap to manufacture. The manufacturing process is so toxic though that its illegal to manufacture viscose in the US anymore.  In recent years rug manufactures have been blending wool and viscose fibers into higher priced rugs. The consumer has no idea that the rug they are buying is most likely going to brown if it gets wet. Paying $000.00 plus for a rug that can be destroyed by one errant water spill is devastating.  

If you are looking to buy and expensive rug look for a woven New Zealand wool rug. You can tell that its woven because you can see the same pattern on the back side of the rug.  If the back has a covering on it then its a tufted rug and not nearly the quality of a woven rug.  

If you need rug cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.