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Rug Doctor Rental Tampa FL

So your carpet is starting to look a little on the dingy side and you've decided to clean it on your own. It should be no problem, it doesn't look that difficult, and you’re going to save a ton of cash doing it yourself. Or, are you? The Rug Doctor Rental can be found at Home Depots and Publix supermarkets all over Tampa FL. It rents for $29.99 a day and the Oxy Deep Clean Solution can be bought for $14.99 for 48oz. That should be enough to clean 4 rooms, according to Rug Doctor Sales. That gives you a cost of about 54.98 plus another $3.85 in sales tax here in Tampa FL. Total cost for your Rug Doctor rental, including equipment and solutions $58.83. That doesn't sounds pretty cheap to clean 4 rooms. So why isn't everyone doing this an an annual basis as recommended by the environmental protection agency (EPA)?

The reason why most home owners don't clean it themselves is pretty straight forward. It takes a lot of time to clean 4 rooms of carpet. The average total time it takes to clean 4 rooms of carpet with a rug doctor rental is 6.326hrs, or 6hrs and 20mins. How is that possible? Well you have to consider time it takes to pick it up at the rental outlet, set up the equipment, clean 4 rooms of carpet, emptying the waste tank, mixing and refilling the cleaning solution, and then cleaning the equipment afterward, and finally delivering it back to the rental outlet. All of that work translates to a total of 6hrs and 20mins of labor at a conservative $20.00 a man hour, unless, you feel you should make less than $20.00 an hour. The total cost for your labor is $126.60. Your total cleaning costs for a DIY 4 room carpet cleaning with a Rug Doctor rental is $185.43. 

A professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL will charge between $160.00 and $200.00 to clean 4 rooms of carpet. At Chem-Dry of Tampa we charge $160.00 for a 4 room cleaning. Even better is knowing that it was cleaned by a professional who knows how to clean your carpets and guarantees your satisfaction.

Ditch the Rug Doctor rental and call Chem-Dry of Tampa instead.