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Safe Carpet Cleaning Companies Tampa FL

If you looking for a safe carpet cleaning company in Tampa FL, check out Chem-Dry of Tampa. Our hot carbonated extraction carpet cleaning service is is green certified and completely toxin free. 

Our basic cleaning package includes a dry vacuum, a conditioning pre-spray, and our patented hot carbonated extraction cleaning. This cleaning is so powerful that it removes 98% of common household allergens, such as, dog and cat dander along with dust mite allergens. Imagine removing 98% of the allergens that reside in your home, providing a healthier environment for you and your family.

Chem-dry of Tampa even offers a carpet sanitizing service called, The Healthy Home Cleaning, that not sanitizes your carpet it removes 89% of air born bacteria improving the air quality in your home. Not only are carpets clean but you can actually breath easier knowing that home is fresh and clean with soaps, toxins, or dirt attracting residues left behind.

Our carpet cleaning service is so safe our cleaning solution is called The Natural because it cleans by mimicking mother nature. The Natural is a hot carbonated solution that uses millions of microscopic bubbles to bring the dirt and soil from deep in your carpet to the surface for easy extraction. No harsh chemicals, toxins, or soaps are used. Only the perfect balance of hot carbonated solution removes the soil from your carpet and upholstery.

A lot of carpet cleaning companies and Tampa FL say they are safe or a green cleaner but I recommend a carpet cleaning company that has been green certified for over 35 years. Don't go with a safe carpet cleaning company, go with the safest carpet cleaning company. Call Chem-Dry of Tampa for a truly safe carpet cleaning