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Shag Rug Cleaning Tampa FL

I totally applaud this woman and her fortitude. In this video, the female host cleans an entire 8x10 shag rug with a spot cleaning vacuum. As a professional rug cleaner in the Tampa FL area, I'm amazed that this woman cleaned an entire 8x10 shag rug with a handheld spot cleaner. I am very very impressed, that is a lot of work.  I clean rugs just like the one in the video on a daily basis with professional rug cleaning solutions and equipment.  My equipment is designed to clean large area rugs like the one in the video.  

Shag rugs are not easy to clean. Their long fibers hide debris and a ton of dry soil.  I love the fact that she showed all the toys and debris that she pulled out of the rug before she cleaned it.  I use a powerful vacuum with a hand attachment to remove the items that she removed with her hands, that's a ton of work.

Even as a professional rug cleaner I can't imagine cleaning this rug with a tiny Bissell spot remover vacuum. I've cleaned the same rug that's seen in the video several times in my career and I can tell you that it's a tough rug to crack.  It normally takes a lot of scrubbing and wet cleaning to get the majority of soil out of this particular rug. I bet it took her about 3 to 4 hours to perform the cleaning on this rug.  Amazing

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