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Simple Pet Odor Remover Tampa FL

This video shows a simple pet odor remover that uses enzymes and what they call pro-bacteria, that I can only assume are probiotic bacteria.  Enzymes based cleaners are the main stay of professional carpet and upholstery cleaners use to remove pet odor and other organic based stains in your home.  

Most of these over the counter simple pet odor removers are ineffective because they are not applied to the carpet correctly. Most odors emanate from under the carpet not on the carpet surface where the cleaner is applied.  Spray on topical solutions fail just about every time.  

Another factor working against these simple pet odor cleaners is that they dry out before they can be effective. It takes hours and hours for urine crystals to be broken down and most enzyme cleaners dry out before they can destroy the odors permanently.  

I treat pet odors professionally as a carpet and upholstery cleaner in Tampa FL.  I have seen just about every home remedy and over the counter urine treatment out there.  They could possibly work if they were applied to the source of the odors, but home owners don't have the right tools to apply and extract urine odor treatments properly.  

To be clear there is no simple pet odor remover that you can order or pick up at the store.  You should hire a professional to assist and advise you in removing stubborn stains.

Simple pet odor remover in Tampa FL