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Spot Cleaning Carpet Land O' Lakes FL

This Land O' Lakes customer was moving out of her home. When she moved the bed she was able to see all of the stains and soil that was hidden just under the bed. She was concerned that the spots were stains and could not be cleaned from her carpet. I told her I had been spot cleaning carpet for a long time now and that we had a fair shot at removing the stains and bringing her carpet back to good condition. With the right pre-sprays, spotters, and proper cleaning techniques almost all stains can be removed.

After a good vacuuming some individual spot cleaning and several pre-sprays her carpet was prepped for a really deep clean. When spot cleaning carpet it's important to be patient and allow the cleaning solutions to dwell and do there work before actually cleaning. If you prep everything correctly most everything will come out with the general extraction cleaning. 

As you can see from the before picture the carpet is pretty beat up with multiple spots and stains. The carpet has been scuffed in several areas and has significant wear. This is not unusual for carpets in Land O' Lakes FL where there is a lot of sand and other fine sediment that easily finds it's way into peoples homes. The after picture shows how I was able to remove a lot of the spots and stains and lift the carpet fibers back to like new condition. Even though it was a tough clean that dried in only 2 hours.

If your carpets need spot cleaning in Land O' Lakes FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.