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Spot Removal on Stairs Tampa FL


Removing stains from stairs can be difficult because they are a high traffic area that gets more abuse then other carpeted areas in the home. Stairs receive more downward pressure as people ascend and descend them, taking a greater pounding then other areas of the home.

Often, people overlook stairs in the regular cleaning routine. Most people don’t think to include the stairs when vacuuming, and it’s a cumbersome job if you don’t have the right tools for it.  Adding the stairs to your regular cleaning routine will make a big difference in how they wear over time. Vacuuming them twice a week is all that is needed to keep up with regular maintenance and add years to the life of your carpeted stairs.

When you’re getting your carpets cleaned don’t forget to get the stairs cleaned too.  Call Chem-Dry of Tampa FL (813) 402-8403 for a free estimate.

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